PSDI helps Pacific countries achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth by improving their business environments.

Reforms supported by PSDI reduce constraints to doing business, incentivize entrepreneurship and investment, foster new business models, and remove barriers to women’s full participation in the economy. This allows the private sector to formalize and grow, which creates jobs, increases tax revenues, and helps lift people out of poverty.

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5 June 2023
Commercial Focus Crucial for Palau State-Owned Enterprises– ADB report

The absence of a clear commercial focus and monitoring framework for Palau’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) has complicated efforts to improve their financial performance, according to the Asian Development Bank's Finding Balance 2023 report.

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16 May 2023
Fiji state-owned enterprises perform well, but more to be done — ADB report

The 2019 passage of SOE legislation in Fiji has improved the country’s governance and commercial framework but room exists for further improvement, according to ADB PSDI report Finding Balance 2023.

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12 May 2023
Solomon Islands leads the Pacific on SOE profitability — ADB report

Solomon Islands’ robust legal framework for SOEs has helped generate the highest portfolio returns among nine Pacific island countries, a new ADB PSDI report says.

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24 April 2023
PSDI experts lead Australia Awards panel discussion on Pacific informal economy

PSDI experts have addressed an Australia Awards Women Leading and Influencing event on the vital role women play in the Pacific informal economy.

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