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Fiji | 10 November 2021

Potential for positive transformation

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Originally published in the Fiji Times.

Wednesday 10 November 2021 | Written by Monika Singh

A series of publications on the tourism sector in Fiji and the region recommend that building more dynamic private sectors will help build bigger and better tourism industries and drive higher employment and incomes.

The publication from the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB’s) Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) also highlight key policy options to guide the tourism sector as it navigates the recovery process.

The publications include 14 country tourism snapshots and a regional assessment: Looking Forward Vol. 1: Evaluating the Challenges for Pacific Tourism after COVID-19.

The publication highlights that the pandemic has made it even more crucial to address outdated legal and regulatory frameworks that can burden Pacific businesses.

It adds that enabling access to finance, a serious problem for Pacific businesses even before the pandemic, will be even more critical as businesses recover.

It continues to note that stronger connections between tourism projects, existing lenders and investors, and green and blue financing instruments could help facilitate this. --->

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