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25 July 2023
Implementation of key SOE reforms in PNG will improve commercial performance — ADB report

The passage of significant reforms in PNG will empower Kumul Consolidated Holdings to effectively monitor SOEs and promote better transparency and accountability, according to new ADB PSDI report Finding Balance 2023.

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6 June 2023
Forum of Pacific investment fund chiefs endorses minimum gender data collection standards

The Pacific region’s largest investment funds will establish minimum standards on gender-related data collection and reporting after an annual meeting of the Pacific Islands Investment Forum’s “Women in Super” working group.

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5 June 2023
Commercial focus crucial for Palau state-owned enterprises — ADB report

The absence of a clear commercial focus and monitoring framework for Palau’s SOEs has complicated efforts to improve their financial performance, according to ADB PSDI's Finding Balance 2023 report.

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16 May 2023
Fiji state-owned enterprises perform well, but more to be done — ADB report

The 2019 passage of SOE legislation in Fiji has improved the country’s governance and commercial framework but room exists for further improvement, according to ADB PSDI report Finding Balance 2023.

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12 May 2023
Solomon Islands leads the Pacific on SOE profitability — ADB report

Solomon Islands’ robust legal framework for SOEs has helped generate the highest portfolio returns among nine Pacific island countries, a new ADB PSDI report says.

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29 March 2023
PSDI convenes Pacific government officials in Sydney for Business Registries Workshop

Government officials from across the Pacific will assemble in Sydney for a 3-day business registries workshop organized by PSDI and the New Zealand Companies Office.

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