Kiribati | 9 April 2024

PSDI supports TAK’s tourism brand consultations in Kiribati

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PSDI’s tourism team was recently in Kiribati to support the Tourism Authority of Kiribati (TAK) with a first round of consultations to support a tourism target market analysis and the development of a new tourism destination brand strategy for the country.

Through the discussions, stakeholders were able to shape early thinking and provide the branding specialist with a strong understanding of the tourism experiences available in Kiribati and the context in which tourism operates.

Consultation meetings, held on both Tarawa and Kiritimati Island during March 2024, engaged approximately 80 key stakeholders, including government representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, and Cooperatives (MTCIC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, private sector representatives and operators, non-governmental organizations, and the TAK team.

Consultation participants exhibited keen interest and support for this work, which will inform Kiribati’s first widely-consulted destination brand exercise, and the TAK team were able to use the opportunity to build a shared and cohesive vision for tourism in the country.

Two men giving a presentation at the consultation.

Image 1: Mr. George Kum Kee, TAK Marketing Manager and lead for this work, and Mr. Tiaon Benson, Kiribati Coconut Development Marketing and Sales Manager, speak at the consultation on South Tarawa.
Attendees sitting around a table engaging in discussion.
Image 2: Government representatives at a consultation session at the Ministry for Tourism, Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives.