4 February 2021

PSDI Annual Report FY2020

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This report describes PSDI key achievements in FY2019/2020 helping 14 Pacific countries pursue sustainable and inclusive growth by improving their business environments.

This is PSDI’s 13th annual progress report, outlining key activities and achievements over the 2019/2020 financial year as well as covering PSDI’s progress from its third to fourth funding phase. This is a milestone for PSDI—with significantly increased funding, this fourth phase will build on earlier successes and expand PSDI’s scope, including an increased focus on the economic empowerment of women, the implementation of additional cross-cutting capacity in the areas of climate change and labor mobility, and additional support to increase private sector involvement in key sectors such as agriculture and tourism. Additionally, increased dedicated country funding will help PSDI significantly expand its work programs in Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Vanuatu. The report also captures PSDI's early responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.