Cook Islands

In the Cook Islands, PSDI-supported reforms are making it easier to start, manage, and finance a business. 

We have been working with the Government of Cook Islands to:

  • Develop a secured transactions framework that will make it easier for lenders to accept movable assets as collateral;

  • Design and develop an online domestic Companies, Incorporated Societies, and Personal Property Securities Registry, which launched in December 2019;
  • Create clear and inclusive company laws, including the Companies Bill, which passed Cook Islands Parliament in December 2017, and became active with the December 2019 registry launch;

  • Strengthen the financial position of Bank of Cook Islands, and build its capacity to identify and manage operational risks;

  • Review the legislative, governance, and monitoring framework for Cook Islands’ SOEs; and

  • Support reforms through advocacy and analysis, including a comprehensive assessment of the private sector published in 2015: The Cook Islands: Stronger Investment Climate for Sustainable Growth.

Resources and Spending

PSDI has increased its activity in the Cook Islands over the past few years, with almost one-third of the $1,459,028 in total funding spent in 2018–2019.

Spending on business law reform, which includes the development of an online companies registry and associated legal reform, accounts for 52% of all spending in the Cook Islands. Competition and Consumer Protection received the second highest proportion—20%—of overall allocations to Cook Islands. This included the preparation of a Telecommunications Bill and a Multi-sector Regulator Bill, which both passed Parliament in 2019.

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On this website, $ refers to US dollars unless otherwise stated.

For detailed information on PSDI activities in the Cook Islands, download the 2022 PSDI Country Overview here.

Cook Islands at a glance

Modern, locally tailored business laws

3 PSDI-supported bills—Companies Bill, Personal Property Securities Bill, and Incorporated Societies (Amendment) Bill—passed by Cook Islands Parliament in December 2017.

Online business registrations

PSDI supported the creation of an online domestic Companies, Associations, and Personal Property Securities Registry, which launched in December 2019.

Secured transactions reform

PSDI helped develop a secured transactions framework that will make it easier for lenders to accept movable assets as collateral.

Private sector assessment

The Cook Islands: Stronger Investment Climate for Sustainable Growth published in October 2015.

Financial strengthening

PSDI is helping strengthen the financial position of the Bank of the Cook Islands, which includes developing policies for liquidity management and operational risk management.
Latest News
19 September 2023
Draw on diversity and shared experiences for meaningful change—PSDI Leadership Matters Cook Islands

PSDI on 19 July 2022 hosted almost 30 representatives of Cook Islands government ministries, state-owned enterprises, private-sector companies, and nongovernment organizations for the launch of Leadership Matters: Benchmarking Women in Business Leadership in the Pacific. Watch the video

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10 October 2022
‘Holistic and dedicated’ PSDI support helped Cook Islands mitigate worst of COVID-19: study

PSDI's provision of critical technical support and resources to the Cook Islands helped bolster national resilience to shocks like COVID-19, an academic journal article has argued.

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19 July 2022
Proud of success so far, and more progress possible on women in business leadership—PSDI Leadership Matters event in Cook Islands

Almost 30 government, business, and civil society representatives in the Cook Islands have gathered to discuss the findings of PSDI's Leadership Matters study on women in Pacific business leadership.

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3 November 2021
Tourism can bounce back better, says new regional study

The Cook Islands News covers the new PSDI Regional Tourism Assessment and accompanying country tourism snapshots.

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1 November 2021
PSDI Tourism Publications Launched

PSDI has today launched a series of publications focused on the Pacific tourism sector: 14 country tourism snapshots and a regional tourism assessment. They provide an overview of the sector before the pandemic, identify challenges and opportunities, and provide recommendations to guide recovery.

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2 October 2021
Cooks leading the way for women in business

From the Cook Islands News: Cook Islands’ representation of women in business has grown by leaps and bounds, according to a new regional report.

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Key Publications
Unlocking Potential: A Gender Inclusive Private Sector Framework for the Pacific Report and Country Assessments
Unlocking Potential: A Gender Inclusive Private Sector Frame...
The Gender Inclusive Private Sector Framework serves as a practical checklist for Pacific governments and institutions to measure progress and identify areas where further improvements are needed.
Innovative Financing Mechanisms in the Pacific
Innovative Financing Mechanisms in the Pacific
This paper examines the potential benefits and issues to consider around implementing Innovative Financing Mechanisms in the Pacific, which can lower barriers and provide more options for businesses seeking finance.
Invisible Hands: Enabling Pacific Women in the Informal Economy
Invisible Hands: Enabling Pacific Women in the Informal Econ...
This publication is the first in a series of PSDI reports focused on the role of women in the Pacific region’s informal economy.
PSDI Annual Report FY2022
PSDI Annual Report FY2022
This report gives an overview of PSDI activities from July 2021 to June 2022.
PSDI Tourism Infographic Brochure
PSDI Tourism Infographic Brochure
This infographic brochure illustrates PSDI’s work and key achievements in the Pacific tourism sector.
A Secure Retirement: Leveling the Playing Field for Women in the Pacific
A Secure Retirement: Leveling the Playing Field for Women in...
This publication proposes a series of priority reforms to address women’s disadvantage in accessing benefits from Pacific retirement funds.