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PSDI employs professionals from various areas of expertise to support the development of a dynamic Pacific private sector. 

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Senior Tourism Expert

PSDI is seeking a Senior Tourism Expert to manage its tourism program and provide strategic guidance on PSDI’s other core areas to incorporate tourism as a crosscutting theme.

The consultant will lead the PSDI tourism program to:

  • Design, implement, and oversee PSDI’s tourism program, including the monitoring and evaluation of tourism initiatives.
  • Lead PSDI's tourism stakeholder coordination, program management, tourism research, and knowledge development.
  • Supervise the work of two PSDI Tourism Analysts, and up to 20 short-term consultants.
  • Work with PSDI’s core focus areas to incorporate tourism-related issues and assist in designing appropriate interventions and knowledge products.

Applications close 13 December 2022.

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